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What is a Hopper Hut?

Before  restoration

The Hopper Hut originally served as a temporary accommodation for hop pickers. Families used to come down in their holidays from London in the summer to get out of the city and to pick hops. At times the small building hosted as many as four families all sharing the central hearth. There used to be two huts, but the current owner's grandfather unfortunately demolished one of them with a tractor while reversing...

The hop gardens were sited where Bewl Water reservoir is now. In the process of building the reservoir in the 1970s the farm was split in two.

Today, following an extensive restoration, the hut still serves its original purpose as a holiday accommodation, but with the open plan layout it can comfortably host two people - and our guests are no longer required to work on the farm!

Overys Farm is still a working farm today. We grow blackcurrant (for Ribena) and grapes (for Chapel Down). While the creation of Bewl Water greatly affected the farm, it is offering our guests fantastic views and walks.

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