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We are hurtling into summer

After the long, wet winter and cold spring, the farm has suddenly come to life. The blackcurrant fields surrounding The Hopper Hut are in flower and the thick green bushes are full of birds.

Yesterday the swallows and house martins arrived. In the space of few hours the air above the farm and the house changed from tranquil to frantic. The short rain shower brought out all the little insects hiding in the grass and the birds had a banquet.

The vineyard across the reservoir is busy too. The vines are growing a mile a day and first signs of flowers are appearing. A small team of five is running around manically trying to keep everything under control.

One man is on top of things our cockerel. Mr Great Trousers and his harem are enjoying the good weather and the girls are laying for England. We are gifting eggs to all our friends and relatives. And of course, there are always fresh eggs waiting for our guests...

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