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We are harvesting!

The unusually hot and dry English summer is in full flow and the farm is at its best. As of this morning we rolled out the mother of all machines - the blackcurrant picking machine - and the first few tons of 'Ribena berries' have been taken to be turned into juice. That, you might be interested to know, happens at Thacher's Cider factory!

This morning's blackcurrant is called Ben Gairn and it is the earliest cropping variety on our farm.

The driver and his crew start as early as they can (usually at bleary eyed 6am) and often work until as late as 8pm.

Our guests have been making dent in our blackcurrant jam stock but as soon as the best and sweetest Ben Vane is ripe, I will be out there with my bowl to pick fruit for the next jammin' session.

Happy summer!

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