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We are 1!

This morning we woke up to the start of The Hopper Hut's second year as a holiday let. I never realised that hosting people who want a bit of a break could be soooo interesting!

We hosted married couples; couples who got engaged here; pair of friends; mothers and daughters; mother and a baby son; single people who needed to work on their books; people with dogs and people with cats.

Meeting so many new people during one year opens your eyes to the different jobs, personalities and life outlooks.

So while providing tea, coffee, eggs, bread and few other things at a self catering establishment seems very generous to some guests, others take it as a cue to ask us to do their shopping when they run out of something.

We spoke to artists, writers, doctors, photographers, a posh hotel doorman, a military insignia dealer and fellow hosts.

Our guests came from London, Germany, Holland, South Africa, the USA, Canada and Australia.

We spent two hours looking for a guest cat that escaped through the window and never having been out of the house, had a lovely time crawling through the machinery shed.

Then there was a cat that didn't escape, which meant that our neighbours' cat spent the whole weekend staring at the housebound visitor through the Hopper Hut windows.

We had guests who came out for a drink with us, some that we never even glimpsed ;) , and some guests keep coming back to stay.

All in all, we've had a great time hosting and are looking forward the second year.

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