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The birds and the bats

It has been some time since I updated this page. The bumper crop of grapes has been and gone and the pruning is starting. The next three months will be spent snipping away at the dormant vines.

In conjunction with Mr Ribena's rules we are checking and cleaning bird and bat boxes around the farm. These, being made out of plywood do deteriorate eventually and Ticehurst side of the farm (around The Hopper Hut) received an early Christmas present - nine new boxes.

The planning took place over bits of maps, making sure that the birds were going to face northeast while the bats would get a sunnier view facing southwest. And then we found the trees that we were willing to climb...

We placed some on the trees directly opposite The Hopper Hut, so hopefully soon our guests will be able to watch the comings and goings of our feathered neighbours.

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