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Getting the jam jars ready

It's June and everything is feverishly growing. The 'lawn' around The Hopper Hut is green albeit a touch prickly (years of neglect of the site gave room to brambles and thistles). The idea is to create a wildflower meadow. Watch this space.

The farm is gearing up for July-August harvest of blackcurrant. The small green berries are swelling up every time we have a bit of rain and some have even started turning dark. Soon the big green area will be dotted with black fruit (and the grey pigeons who love to eat it...). Hopefully the birds and the people will leave currants for me. The Hopper Hut blackcurrant jam goes down rather well!

The vines on the other side of the reservoir are reaching as high as we let them and we are constantly trying to rein them in with wires and clips. The grapes will be harvested in October and sent to Chapel Down winery. As for now, we can offer our guests a taste of our extremely drinkable 2016 Sauvignon Blanc/Bacchus blend.

Why not visit?

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